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Sean LeSane

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I provide individual and couples psychotherapy to adults in the Washington, DC metropolitan area. My primary focus is to help patients better understand who they are and how they can relate to the world in as authentic a way as possible. I work with a diverse clientele with respect to race, gender and socioeconomic differences.

Why therapy? In an effort to gain validation, many people have learned how to be who they are for other people. This effort often leads to feelings of unhappiness, depression, addiction, anger, and self-criticism.

Integrating psychodynamic and cognitive-behavioral approaches, I support patients to enhance their awareness about patterns of self sabotaging behavior and negative self perceptions that can contribute to feelings of depression and anxiety.

In a safe, confidential, supportive environment, as past experiences are explored, new ways of coping are acquired. In addition to symptom relief, patients will develop self-empowerment and the ability to more effectively manage life issues and have fulfilling relationships.

Individual and couples sessions are 50 minutes, based on regular weekly appointments. Meeting regularly establishes consistency and more importantly, begins the process of building a therapeutic relationship that will support the work of helping you achieve your goals.

I believe that an examined life is a vital component of the therapeutic process, and individuals who take this journey are engaging in an act of courage. Yes, the work can be challenging. However, those who commit to the process will find that they experience a deeper level of intimacy in their relationships and less fear in pursuing what they truly desire. Ultimately this exploration will result in the ability for one to relate to oneself and his or her world in a much more satisfying way.

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